They don't know how special you are~

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Oh god that animation is so good ;w;

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He never saw it coming

He didn’t know how to say wake up, so he tried everything he knew

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Jeremy Davies as Peter Bernardone — requested by quodl

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The world is a vulnerable place, but we’re the best qualified to defend it

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Some Basic French Expressions

for someone who speaks French….this is fucking awful. 

im sorry but im a professional frencher, this is the most accurate french language you’ll ever purchase, I promise you this

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I strongly disagree, but the wank ain’t worth it: the tumblr story

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A photoset of climbing down from the hand, Terra Style.

Witness the grace and beauty and athleticism.

Possibly the best photoset in rat history

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it wasn’t about destiny, magic or the power behind the crown, it was about him.

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"Even when I had nothing I had Bucky"

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*George RR Martin watches Game Of Thrones*
This is not my design.

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let’s hear it for captain america

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"You turned my gentle friend into a weapon and I am less than thrilled about it"

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